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11/30/2020 Adhesives for Transportation: Why Choose Tensor?

Need an adhesive solution for application in the transportation sector? Look no further. Tensor offers a range of superior-quality bonding products in a dedicated transportation range, each engineered to boost your productivity in a high-tempo industry - all without harming the environment.

11/30/2020 Tensor: We Don't Just Bond - We Clean, Too

Here at Tensor, we’ve built our name on tenacity, strength and sticking power. However, no matter how strong our systems are, we recognise that accidents are always going to happen. That’s why we’re just as passionate about helping our product’s users clean up any accidental mess as we are about sealing permanent and reliable bonds. 

11/23/2020 Discover California Compliant (CA) Adhesives


We know that you’ve got more to worry about than your adhesive’s ingredients. That’s why our experts work behind the scenes to provide distributors and contractors with systems that are both innovative and industry compliant.

11/23/2020 Discover Tensor's Joinery Range


In our latest category focus, we look at Tensor’s range of spray adhesives for joinery applications, including solid surface, backed veneers and more.

11/23/2020 Ultimate Convenience with Tensorgrip

Once you make the move to spray, you’ll never look back. In our latest blog, we explore how our products get the job done quickly, easily and well finished. 

11/19/2020 Maximum Sticking Strength, Minimum Health Impact

Regardless of the bonding job you’ve done, it’s highly likely you’ve experienced the unrivalled sticking power of Tensor.

11/10/2020 How to Keep Your Adhesives Warm & Dry This Winter

In the latest advice piece from Tensor, we look at what measures you can take to protect the integrity of your adhesives this winter.

11/10/2020 Unleash the Power of TensorGrip


Whether you’re seeking a bonding solution for use across marine environments, aerospace scenarios or in woodworking & joinery jobs, it’s likely that you’ve experienced the sticking power of TensorGrip.

11/04/2020 Tensor Adhesives: Engineered for YOUR Industry

Ranging from advanced canister adhesives to basic hot melt adhesives, Tensor offers the product you need to make glue application faster, safer and easier.

11/04/2020 Why Customers Trust Tensor

Here at Tensor, we’re more than just a manufacturer of adhesives and tool systems. We’re pioneers of innovative adhesive solutions, spearheading research & development to transform the working lives of the many distributors and contractors we’re proud to call loyal customers.