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01/19/2021 More Throughput, More Strength: Bond with TensorGrip® L12

More throughput. More strength. More performance. That’s exactly what joiners and contractors around the world demand from their adhesive system. We’ve pioneered research and development to bring our customers all of these benefits and more with TensorGrip L12®: a top performer and a true icon of our highly-advanced joinery range.

01/19/2021 Tensor Tips for Fixing a Leaking Gun

Here at Tensor, we know adhesives. We’ve taken our passion for innovation and used our expertise to create a canister-based system that offers an ease of use that is simply unrivalled. However, working with adhesives systems requires an element of care to protect the integrity of the gun system and the adhesive itself.

01/13/2021 No More Ripples with TensorGrip LP64

Often mimicked. Never matched. TensorGrip LP64 comes as one of our most advanced products available in our Platinum range, bringing the definition of strength and tenacity to dizzy new heights. A truly unique system, the LP64 allows effective application underneath high gloss laminate with no telegraphing (also known as ‘the orange peel effect’).

01/11/2021 As An Essential Business, Tensor's Here to Help

With the spread of Covid-19 continuing, the UK is facing a prolonged period of lockdown, with non-essential businesses closing to stem the spread of the virus. However, the work of many of our customers is set to continue. As an essential business, we’re keeping the nations builders, joiners and other contractors fully supported through the most challenging of times.


12/21/2020 Brexit is On The Way: Tensor is Getting Ready

No matter what happens in the world around, the team at Tensor Adhesives are always focussed on one thing - industry-leading solutions that offer strength and tenacity. Nevertheless, Brexit is most certainly in the pipeline – and while most of the uncertainty around our departure from the EU continues, businesses are doing what they always do - getting on with things and planning for a worst case scenario.

12/21/2020 Why Joiners Chose Tensor Products in 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for us all. Whilst the outbreak of Covid-19 slowed a lot of work down for our customers, the United Kingdom’s impending departure from the European Union has continued to cause uncertainty across the board.

12/14/2020 Call on Tensor Support this Festive Season

2020 has been a challenging year for us all. The outbreak of Covid-19 presented obstacles to joiners, contractors & distributors across all sectors, and many workers are now looking forward to the festive holidays.

12/14/2020 Why Joiners Trust Tensor

Joiners have many challenges to navigate in their work, and their choice of adhesive shouldn’t be one of them. Indeed, when you’re working with sawdust, sandpaper and super-precise calculations, you’ll need a bond that is permanent, reliable and trusted by the very best your industry has to offer. This week, we explain why joiners trust Tensor in their thousands.

12/07/2020 Get Started with Tensor's Kick-Off Kits

Regardless of the bonding job you’re doing, you’ll need convenience, ease-of-access and sticking power. Tensor has driven positive change for our customers with an innovative canister-based system that promises to tackle many of the issues contractors face when doing this kind of work.

12/07/2020 Tensor: Your Choice for Foam & Upholstery

If you need a strong bonding solution for foam & upholstery, it’s highly likely that your sector of nature will be high-tempo and high-demand. It’s also likely that you won’t have time to waste on cleaning up any mess caused by spills or leaking pumps.

11/30/2020 Adhesives for Transportation: Why Choose Tensor?

Need an adhesive solution for application in the transportation sector? Look no further. Tensor offers a range of superior-quality bonding products in a dedicated transportation range, each engineered to boost your productivity in a high-tempo industry - all without harming the environment.

11/30/2020 Tensor: We Don't Just Bond - We Clean, Too

Here at Tensor, we’ve built our name on tenacity, strength and sticking power. However, no matter how strong our systems are, we recognise that accidents are always going to happen. That’s why we’re just as passionate about helping our product’s users clean up any accidental mess as we are about sealing permanent and reliable bonds. 

11/23/2020 Discover California Compliant (CA) Adhesives


We know that you’ve got more to worry about than your adhesive’s ingredients. That’s why our experts work behind the scenes to provide distributors and contractors with systems that are both innovative and industry compliant.

11/23/2020 Discover Tensor's Joinery Range


In our latest category focus, we look at Tensor’s range of spray adhesives for joinery applications, including solid surface, backed veneers and more.

11/23/2020 Ultimate Convenience with Tensorgrip

Once you make the move to spray, you’ll never look back. In our latest blog, we explore how our products get the job done quickly, easily and well finished.