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Tensorgrip S105 - Acetone Cleaner

Tensorgrip S105 - Acetone Cleaner

  • Mist Spray
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  • Australia
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Technical Data

Bonded square foot coverage

216 liter Cannister TBC
108 liter Cannister TBC
22 ltr Cannister TBC
7 ltr Cannister TBC
650ml Aerosol TBC



Product Description

Tensorgrip® S105 Acetone Cleaner is a solvent cleaner, hose flush and has been specifically designed for use with Tensorgrip® PU canister products as a Hose & Spray Gun Flushing System. It can be used safely on most canister spray equipment and is a strong solvent. This product can be used safely on most surfaces and substrates including painted surfaces, glass, porcelain, concrete, and is compatible with many plastics and vinyls.


  • Efficient clean-up & maintenance.
  • Compatible with most adhesives.
  • Compatible with most plastics.


  • Mist Spray

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