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Tensor - M510 Canister Trolley

Tensor - M510 Canister Trolley

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Technical Data

Bonded square foot coverage

216 liter Cannister TBC
108 liter Cannister TBC
22 ltr Cannister TBC
7 ltr Cannister TBC
650ml Aerosol TBC


Product Description

While Tensorgrip canisters are the epitomy of portability, sometimes a little something extra is needed to achieve the ultimate results.  The Tensor M510 Canister Trolley is the ideal solution for shop and large field jobs where portability is  of essence.  Allows for easy transport and use of the 22L (large) canister.  

  • Easy to use
  • Smooth-rolling
  • Handle for ultimate control
  • Storage for both standard and wand guns
  • System for storing hose
  • Fit 22L (Large) canister


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