The Composite Range

By identifying the Composites industry's needs, the Research & Development team at Quin Global has developed a groundbreaking range of adhesives formulated for specific applications and processes within Industries including Marine, Wind Energy, Automotive & Construction.

Here are 4 key reasons why the TensorGrip Composite range has earned a leading position in the Composites spray adhesives market:

- A product for every application

- Market-leading resin compatibility

- Complimenting your materials processes

- Global technical support

The TensorGrip Composite range is split into two categories:

INFUSION & RTM: Through every stage of dry lay up in Infusion and RTM processes, materials are placed in a wide variety of combinations and positions with varying levels of complexity and demand. This is wherTensorGrip Composite products provide the perfect solution. Whether you are placing dry mat, core material, foam stringers, and other reinforcements, we have an end-to-end solution whilst ensuring the highest possible levels of resin compatibility, quality of the finished part, and minimized reworks.

PLUG BUILD & MOULD MAKING: Plug Build and Mould Manufacturing in the Composites Industry is a very Individual and bespoke process. The TensorGrip TC products offer a range that allows their users to be successfully integrated with your common substrates and provide excellent adhesion and process time reduction. Whether you are working with a Ply deck, smooth or rough face polystyrene, PU or Epoxy  Tooling block, or other common materials, we have the solution.

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