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A diverse range of materials deserves uniquely developed products to give unrivalled bond satisfaction.  All developed to save you time and increase your bottom line.

Available Products

TensorGrip F30N - Non-Flam PSA Foam & Upholstery Adhesive

TensorGrip® F30N is a medium pressure sensitive adhesive, offering fast dry and excellent repositionability.

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TensorGrip - F50 - Low VOC Contact Adhesive

Web spray contact adhesive with good temperature resistance

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TensorGrip - F70N - Non-Flam Pressure Sensitive Spray Adhesive for Foam & Upholstery

Powerful, non-flammable pressure-sensitive adhesive developed specifically for pressure-sensitive bonding of porous and somewhat difficult substrates. 

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TensorGrip F40 - Hi-Grab Foam & Fabric Spray Adhesive

Designed for versatility with a long open time and high tack level with excellent strength for bonding a wide variety of substrates.

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