From the luxurious carpet of a yacht to the tough rubbers of utility boats, Tensor is ready to fix your floor - fast and forever.  Even in the most demanding conditions that waterborne vessels encounter.

Available Products

TensorGrip - M01 - Polystyrene Plug Build Adhesive

TensorGrip® M01 is a single-component moisture cured polyurethane adhesive designed to provide excellent bonding strength.

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TensorGrip - M28 - High Tack CA Compliant Contact Adhesive

TensorGrip M28 is a multi-purpose contact adhesive that effectively bonds a vast range of substrates.

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TensorGrip - M35 - Vinyl Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive

This highly engineered cross-linking contact adhesive is safe for vinyls and rubbers, meaning it’s 100% resistant to delamination caused by plasticizer migration – unlike standard contact adhesives.

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TensorGrip - M70 - Low VOC Contact Adhesive

Low VOC alternative for a multi-purpose adhesive for interior boat outfitting.

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TensorGrip - M80 - Marine High Temp Contact Adhesive

High performance, high-temp spray contact adhesive formulated for a variety of marine applications.

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TensorGrip - M80N - Non-Flam High-Temp Contact Adhesive

High performance, 100% non-flammable spray contact adhesive formulated for a variety of marine applications and interior boat outfitting.

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