Ceiling and Headliners

Vinyls, fabrics, leather, aluminum sheeting.  The list goes on.  You're bonding it and we want you to be successful and quick.  Find the right adhesive by choosing what you're bonding.

Available Products

TensorGrip - T30 - Plasticiser Resistant Vinyl Floor Adhesive

Revolutionary, high performance plasticiser resistant adhesive, specially formulated to bond all commonly used  substrates found within the Automotive industry.

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TensorGrip - T53 - CA Compliant Re-Trimming Spray Adhesive

High quality industrial grade high-tack adhesive, suitable for all trimming applications associated with vehicle conversion and re-trimming. Creates minimal overspray and virtually no airborne misting.

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TensorGrip - T90 - Ultra High Grab Non MECL Spray Adhesive

Airless spray delivery system creates minimal overspray and virtually no airborne misting, making Tensorgrip T90 ideal for applying in overhead, vertical and horizontal operations.

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