TensorGrip L71 - Plasticiser Resistant Vinyl Spray Adhesive

TensorGrip L71 is a revolutionary high performance, plasticizer resistant adhesive, specially formulated for bonding vinyl, rubber and plastics. Works well on decorative surfaces subject to plasticizer migration as well as many other surfaces including standard laminate and aluminium.  Like epoxy, chemically reacts to create permanent bond.


  • Solvent resistant
  • Over 300°F (150°C) temperature resistant
  • Excellent plasticizer resistance
  • Strong, permanent bonds
  • High output for fast application
  • Resists weathering, water, fuel, oil and many other plasticizers
  • Bonds to damp surfaces
  • Bonds vinyl permanently


Sizes Available:


Developed For:

  • Aluminum
  • Standard Laminate
  • Vinyl


  • Web Spray