TensorGrip L10N - Non-Flam Web Spray Contact Adhesive

Tensorgrip L10N is a non-flammable high performance industrial spray contact adhesive formulated for bonding decorative HPL (high pressure laminate) to a variety of substrates. Designed to deliver a smooth and strong bond in nearly any laminate application while maintaining perfect non-flammable properties.


  • Non-flammable
  • VOC free
  • Excellent high coverage
  • 80% of final strength achieved immediately
  • Full strength achieved in 24 hours
  • High tack
  • Fast drying with long open time
  • Good heat resistance (up to 220°F/105°C)


Sizes Available:



Developed For:

  • Aluminum
  • Standard Laminate
  • Wood Buildups


  • Web Spray
  • ZERO-FLAM Technology