Curvework & Contours

Looking for a big relief to the old white-glue-and-clamping technique on contours?  Let's meet Tensorgrip, the name of the first contact adhesive to ever aspire to such a task. (PS. Don't worry if you're still bent on the old method - we've got you covered there too)

Available Products

TensorGrip - L16 - Fast Dry Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

High solids, very fast dry, high tack spray adhesive that has good temperature resistance.

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TensorGrip L10N - Non-Flam Web Spray Contact Adhesive

Non-flammable high performance industrial spray contact adhesive formulated for bonding decorative HPL (high pressure laminate) to a variety of substrates.

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TensorGrip L12 - The Ultimate Web Spray Contact Adhesive

Spray contact adhesive for bender board (flexi-ply) and wood buildups.

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