TensorGrip - F50 - Low VOC Contact Adhesive

TensorGrip F50 is a high solids contact adhesive that effectively bonds a vast range of substrates while maintaining compliance with stringent California VOC requirements (SCAQMD Rule 1168).  


  • Aggressive – superb bonds to porous foams
  • Tough, flexible adhesion to thick fabrics
  • Fast dry with excellent initial bond
  • Good heat resistance (up to 180°F)
  • High-strength, long-term bond
  • Web Spray
  • 80% of final strength achieved immediately 
  • Full strength achieved in 24 hours 


Sizes Available:


Developed For:

  • Fabric
  • Foam
  • Insulation
  • Thick Fabric


  • California Compliant
  • CO-REZ