You're building your business on quality work.  So are we.  Tensor developers understand the need for tough, long-lasting bonds that will stand the test of time and continual wear.  That's why companies in construction industries look to us for many varied adhesive solutions - everything from insulation to wall coverings and beyond.  The applications are endless…and so will the bond be!

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Wall Panels

No more waiting for the adhesive to cure.  Produce SIPs faster than ever before.  Install wall protection and panels at lightning speed.  Welcome to the speed of Tensor!

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Find the right level of adhesion for what you need in gluing foam, fiberglass, rubber and other types of insulation in place, many times when other fasteners can't work.  Cover the square footage fast with wide spray patterns and extended wand guns to reach more places. 

Thermal insulation; sure.  Plus fiberglass, foam, EPS, reflective, bubble.  Tensor has the glue for sound, vibration, RFI, and galvanic insulation as well: rubber, sponge, shoddy, foil, film.  Not only that, but we've also got the adhesive for rigid insulation board and polystyrene.

Product Details