An entirely unique industry.  Aerospace design considerations take into account the extensive testing that needs to be carried out on every part produced.  With chemists working to reduce environmental impact while ensuring a perfect bond that will pass inspection, Tensor is the trusted adhesive for the industry.

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Fabricating aircraft seating? Those seats undergo a lot of wear and tear. Formulated specifically for the task, Tensor has the glues that are up to the challenge of permanently bonding foam and fabric; preserving the prestigious look of seating for a lifetime.

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Looking for an efficient, trusted way to affix wall coverings & panels - from the most basic to the most elite - in your aircraft?  Take a look at the products designed to do just that and exceed your expectations every time.

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Ceiling and Headliners

When your goal is the sky, the headliner in your aircraft shouldn't limit you.  Take what's overhead to a whole new level when you're using Tensor to bond up those headliner materials.  If it's a smooth, strong bond you're looking for, your search will be over shortly!

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Whether it's the classy plush carpet of a private plane or the industrial-strength materials of a commercial jet, that floor needs to stay in place - and be prepared to stand up to the roughest wear.  Let's start with the adhesive. 

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When it comes to veneers, laminate and wood, Tensor knows its way around.  Your workers and customers deserve the most reliable adhesives in the industry.  Relax and outperform.

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