Looking for an efficient, trusted way to affix a vast array of wall coverings & panels in your marine products?  Take a look at the products designed to make your job easier.

Available Products

Tensorgrip - M10N - Non-Flam High-Temp Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

A medium to aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive, offering fast dry and excellent repositionability.  Superior permanent bonding on two-sided applications.

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TensorGrip - M55 - Super Tack Infusion Heavy Mat Adhesive

Designed specifically for marine infusion molding, formulated for superior results when used with polyester, vinyl ester and styrene resins.

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TensorGrip - M60 - Ultra Low Profile Spray Adhesive

Designed especially for materials used in boat outfitting that require a smooth and flawless finish on thin and glossy substrates such as laminates.

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TensorGrip - M70 - Low VOC Contact Adhesive

Low VOC alternative for a multi-purpose adhesive for interior boat outfitting.

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TensorGrip - M75 - Polystyrene Plug Build Contact Adhesive

Polystyrene-safe industrial contact adhesive designed primarily for bonding insulation without attacking it.

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TensorGrip - M80 - Marine High Temp Contact Adhesive

High performance, high-temp spray contact adhesive formulated for a variety of marine applications.

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TensorGrip - M80N - Non-Flam High-Temp Contact Adhesive

High performance, 100% non-flammable spray contact adhesive formulated for a variety of marine applications and interior boat outfitting.

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TensorGrip - M88 - General Purpose Marine Adhesive Spray

A fast drying adhesive for the marine refit industry used primarily for seating or walls. The fine mist spray virtually eliminates any telegraphing allowing for a smooth finished product.


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