TensorGrip - M30 - RTM/ Infusion Moulding Adhesive

TensorGrip M30 is simply designed to help you build better boats.

It’s specifically formulated for vacuum infusion molding. This tried, tested and true adhesive becomes part of the cross-linked matrix when resin is infused. It makes for lighter, stronger parts and overcomes problems such as bonding failure, resin blockage and surface defects in the finished product.

Government is tightening environmental regulations on fiberglass molding, pushing towards a cleaner fiberglass molding process – vacuum infusion (also known as close-molded resin infusion).

  • Safely fuses laminating materials to structural core surfaces
  • Ultimately becomes part of the polymer matrix
  • Very fast application
  • Convenient, reliable, portable spray system
  • Provides superior holding during forming process
  • Allows resin to obtain maximum tensile strength
  • Will not interfere with the curing process of vinyl esters, polyesters or styrene resin


Sizes Available:



Developed For:

  • Fiberglass Infusion


  • Mist Spray