Tensor won't leave you high and dry.  Ever.  Adhesives designed for every marine application - with the unmatched quality you expect from Tensor.  Infusion molding?  Got it.  For flooring installation?  Got that too.  Walls? Ceilings? Insulation?  Got it covered.

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Boat Hull

By boat hulls, we mean the fiberglass kind.  Tensorgrip infusion molding adhesives are designed to effectively become part of the fiberglass matrix and give you power to create a finished product you can be proud of.  It's what floats your boat.

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Protect the future passengers from the elements and noise.  Contact and pressure sensitive adhesives to give you the absolute best bond for insulation.  Easy application, quick dry.  Let's minimize the glue hassle.

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Foam and fabrics used in vessels can be pretty tough to bond to.  Tensor has the answer for seat assembly - whether it's leather, thin fabric, canvas or another material you’re bonding, Tensor will outperform.

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Looking for an efficient, trusted way to affix a vast array of wall coverings & panels in your marine products?  Take a look at the products designed to make your job easier.

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Ceiling and Headliners

Vinyls, fabrics, leather, aluminum sheeting.  The list goes on.  You're bonding it overhead and we want you to be successful and quick.  Find the right adhesive by choosing what you're bonding.

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From the luxurious carpet of a yacht to the tough rubbers of utility boats, Tensor is ready to fix your floor - fast and forever.  Even in the most demanding conditions that waterborne vessels encounter.

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When it comes to veneers, laminate and wood, Tensor knows its way around.  Outperform.  Make your vessel shine with the best adhesive in the industry.

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