I was recommended to use L17 for motor trade use. I.e. fitting head lining and similar to floor pan also car carpet to metal, under felt repairs etc... and it was excellent.

Automotive Company  |  Perth

"We use the L31 product from the TensorGrip® range as it's the best spray adhesive in a canister on the market for bonding gloss and matt laminates. The droplet spray pattern is far better than the websprays we used to use, which we abandoned because they gave us very bad results with ripples and the adhesive shining through."

Joinery Manufacturer - Merseyside

"I have tried all the other web spray products since first using the (L17) Permagrip PG107 about 13 years ago, but I always end up going back to it because it is so much better."

Shopfitting Company - Aberdeen

"We use Permagrip on all our curved work as it the best adhesive for the job. We have used it for more 12 years without a single failure. On less demanding areas we used SP100, which is now superceded by TensorGrip® L40, but the PG107 that we have used for years, which is now called L17, is definitely the best product on the market."

Shopfitting and Interior Fitout Company - Scotland

"TensorGrip® is the best adhesive we have ever used"

Joinery and Scenery builder - London

"Our distributor have provided us with a spray glue (TensorGrip® LP64) that is exceptionally good at applying gloss laminates. We used their glue on an exhibition stand that was entirely gloss finish and the results were extremely good there was no lifting or movement on laminates at all. The stand was finished in workshop one week before going to site and was then used in one of the UKs premier venues so a complete change in temperature all of which had no effect on glue.

I would recommend this glue (TensorGrip® LP64) as a superior product to any others we have tried before, an exceptional glue in the application of gloss laminates."

Joinery & Display Manufacturer | Warwickshire

"I don't care what the price is, but I need to get the Tensor product as it is the most reliable adhesive, I know of, on the market."

Tensor user | Truro, Cornwall

"Tensor is the best adhesive we have ever found."

Tensor User | Warrington, Cheshire

"I currently use Tensor and it is briliant. I wouldn't ever change, it is perfect. I have had major porblems with delamination costing him £40,000.00 and I would never change from Tensor."

Exhibition Contractor in Waltham Abbey