Tensor. Adhesives that Outperform.

Tensor is a progressive international range of industrial adhesive brands developed by Quin Global.  With the TensorGrip® pressurized canister adhesive system in the lead, Tensor is continually innovating and responding to the needs and desires of industrial adhesive users worldwide. 

Most of the world believes that industrial adhesives are either too technical or that one adhesive will fit all purposes. Neither is true with Tensor.  We've put every resource into industrial adhesive development, testing and hands-on use to engineer each product to fit the precise needs of a given market.  Then we make it easy for you by giving you the facts - exactly what each individual adhesive will work for.

Our sole focus is on making canister glue application in all industries faster, safer and easier. No matter what it involves.  Why?  Because we believe that you've got more than just glue to worry about.  

Quin Global Values


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Brand Ambassadors

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Drew Fraser - Adhesive Consultant