Why TensorGrip® L12 Is the ULTIMATE Spray Adhesive

If you’re looking for a fully portable adhesive system capable of forming high strength bonds, TensorGrip® L12 is the only adhesive you’ll ever need.

That’s not sales talk, it’s the truth.

Whether you’re bonding laminates to particle board, MDF substrates, plywood or plastics, it’s never been easier thanks to our ultimate spray adhesive. 

The Benefits of a Quality Spray Adhesive

Considering TensorGrip® L12 harnesses CO-REZ technology, a matrix that creates an exceptional formula resulting in greater coverage and less weight, it’s hardly surprising its popularity is soaring.

Thanks to CO-REZ, you enjoy up to 25 per cent extra coverage and a 2-3 kilogram decrease in weight per canister system – and that makes this technology a market leader.

But that’s not all ...


Increase the speed of your production with our highly engineered adhesive canister and reduce your reliance on mechanical fastening and wet glues in the applications of curved structure building. Diminished downtime is achieved courtesy of faster application speeds.


The power of L12 provides immediate results on the most demanding applications. With its incredible high-tack adhesive performance, L12 provides unrivalled bonding power, reducing the need for mechanical fixings when building curved structures, counters or creating thicker worktops.


Quite simply, L12 offers you superior value for money as wastage is kept to an absolute minimum. How? Because it’s a sealed system, which means no open tins and cured adhesive, and the pickup tube extends to the base of the canister, giving you complete adhesive content delivery.

Explore L12’s Unbeatable Features

Adjustable Gun

The adjustable gun that comes with L12 allows you to control the unique spray pattern and prevent wastage.

Unique Formula

The adhesive’s unique formula prevents it from soaking in to porous surfaces, offering you unrivalled coverage and superior film build – and that means stronger bonds.

Low Odour

When we combine our premium adhesive’s barely noticeable odour with a fast tack time, it makes it ideal for on-site and factory applications.

If you would like more information about L12, feel free to take advantage of our live chat service or contact a member of our team by clicking here – we’re always happy to help.