Why TensorGrip® Is the World’s Most Trusted Spray Adhesive

Still using outdated adhesive application techniques? Welcome to the TensorGrip® revolution.

With increased customer demand necessitating faster production processes, while maintaining customer satisfaction and high standards, old, slow and messy bonding methods simply waste time.

However, thanks to TensorGrip®, you can avoid delays in the workshop.

Why is TensorGrip® So Good?

To begin with, TensorGrip® is a spray-applied adhesive, which uses a gun and hose system for cleaner and more efficient application.

Additionally, the adjustable gun offers a selection of 10 different tips, allowing you to modify your spray pattern to suit your requirements.

Bond a Variety of Materials

TensorGrip® allows you to bond a variety of materials, such as foam to metal, vinyl to metal, carpet to concrete, polystyrene to wood, as well as being an invaluable part of the infusion moulding process.

Tensor canisters are also equipped with the innovative Co-Rez technology, which maximises your canister’s potential, providing you with up to 25 per cent more adhesive.

Unlike other spray adhesive manufacturers, TensorGrip® has Zero-Flam technology, meaning many of the Tensor products are 100 per cent non-flammable propellant, making them some of the safest adhesives on the market.

Clean, Simple and Effective Application Methods

Compared to a roller-applied adhesive, TensorGrip’s spray gun application provides a much tidier and consistent layer of glue, cutting the time it takes by more than a third.

What’s more, by using the roller method, the time spent waiting for the item to dry would cause a 25-minute pause in production – but TensorGrip® smashes that, with a waiting time of only ONE MINUTE.

This allows you to move quickly on to the final stages of the bonding process, allowing you to finish the job with no setbacks and no unsightly blobs of glue running down the side of the applied surface or escaping onto the work area.

So, ditch the old methods, bring this revolutionary technology into your workshop and discover why TensorGrip® is the world’s most trusted spray adhesive