Why TensorGrip® Is the Finest Vehicle Re-trimming Adhesive

Re-trimming a vehicle can be a tricky business.

Whether you’re dealing with badly worn and burst leather seats, or a faded interior that requires an overhaul, you’ll need quality adhesives to help you get the job done.

This is where TensorGrip® products are worth their weight in gold.

Choose the Perfect Product for the Job

Depending on the types of material you’re re-trimming and bonding, the TensorGrip® product you’ll require differs – but the quality always remains the same.

TensorGrip® T54

This super-high tack spray adhesive has been developed to bond carpets, headlinings and fibrous fabrics to all common substrates used within the automotive re-trimming market.

Its super-high tack formula provides excellent results when bonding leather to foam and the speed of production is unbeatable.

TensorGrip® T54 is non-flammable, has a temperature resistance up to 105°C, offers a fast tack time and provides 15 per cent more coverage thanks to market leading CO-REZ technology.

TensorGrip® T51

Looking for optimum results when bonding leather? TensorGrip® T51 is the kind of premium high-performance, high-temperature adhesive you require.

Thanks to its unique resin formula, it offers superior bond results in demanding environments synonymous with the automotive re-trimming industry.

Ideal for bonding leather and fabric to all substrates, this product offers a high yield in coverage, temperature resistance up to 125°C and adjustable spray pattern to reduce wastage.

TensorGrip® F20

This high-tack upholstery adhesive has been developed to provide extremely fast tack times for all upholstery and foam contact bonding situations.

Considering its high solids and pressure sensitive adhesive technology, TensorGrip® F20 is highly suited to all types of production processes.

This product is perfect for bonding foam to fabric, foam to foam and foam to MDF, with its quick drying time helping to increase your productivity.

You’ll Love TensorGrip’s Fast Application

To re-trim a vehicle with the minimum of fuss, aside from quality products, TensorGrip® offers you a five step application process, shown below, that helps makes the upholstering process a breeze.

Applying TensorGrip® is as easy as 1,2,3,4,5 ...

Step 1

Hold the gun at 90° to the surface and 75-100mm from the substrate.

Step 2

Apply the adhesive to the perimeter edges of both surfaces to be bonded.

Step 3

Moving quickly, apply an even coat of adhesive, ensuring 50-75 per cent overlap.

Step 4

Wait until adhesive has tacked off – typical tack time is 1-5 mins – then apply material to core substrate.

Step 5 

Apply pressure with TensorGrip® roller.

It really is that simple.

To learn more about all of our products, please feel free to browse the site or contact a member of our team for some expert guidance – we’re always happy to help.