Get Fireproof Thanks To TensorGrip® L10N

In order to spray with confidence, you need a solvent-based contact adhesive that’s 100 per cent non-flammable.

You need TensorGrip® L10N.

Whether you’re bonding high pressure laminates to wood, metal, fabrics or foam, L10N offers you an easy to use and high coverage adhesive that won’t take an age to dry like water-based products.

Vitally, compared to conventional solvent-based adhesives, there’s no danger of L10N setting your workshop on fire.

But that’s not all ...

Discover the Advantages of TensorGrip® L10N

Aside from its unbeatable fireproof qualities, this solvent-based canister adhesive’s airless system provides a fast application time, with 100 per cent adhesive transfer to material.

Given that there’s no overspray, it guarantees to leave your work area mess free and its fully portable nature means there’s no compressor or external power required.

Not only that, but it’ll help boost your firm’s profitability and contribute to continued savings on labour.

The Shortcomings of a Conventional Solvent-Based Adhesive

Conventional adhesives can be extremely flammable, causing a hazard in the workplace and requiring careful storage to avoid such a scenario.

Not only that, but if you’re using run-of-the-mill adhesives, your workshop should be well ventilated to avoid breathing in potentially damaging fumes.

Unlike TensorGrip® products, inferior adhesives’ transfer efficiency can be poor, with overspray also an unwelcome by-product.

Additionally, the time spent cleaning up, maintaining/setting up a compressor, not to mention forking out for extra solvent, will eat in to your expenses and reduce your overall profit.

To sidestep those problems, choose TensorGrip® products for all your adhesive needs.

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