Find the Perfect Non-Flammable Bond for Cabinet Making

Cabinet making is undoubtedly tricky – so wouldn’t it be great if you could rely on an adhesive designed with this type of craftsmanship in mind?

After all, it’s important to find a non-flammable, pressurised contact adhesive to create a permanent, heavy-duty bond AND a smooth finish.

Introducing TensorGrip® L10N.

Manufactured to make the complexities of cabinet building less problematic, this industrial grade spray contact adhesive is one of the most versatile glues on the market.

It’s suitable for bonding HPL and fabrics to several substrates, including:

  • MDF.
  • Chipboard.
  • Plywood.
  • Many other timber sheet materials.

Importantly, TensorGrip® L10N is designed to allow materials to be bonded permanently in situations where immediate bond strength and high heat resistance are required.

Explore the Versatility of TensorGrip® L10N

Aside from its obvious suitability for the applications above, L10N can also be used for bonding sheet materials.

However, before pressing ahead with this, it’s crucial each surfaced is prepared properly, which means degreasing and lightly abrading with a fine abrasive or non-woven material.

Indeed, you should always test an adhesive to verify suitability for your application prior to using it in production.
Please note: TensorGrip® L10N is not recommended for use with plasticised vinyl's, flexible plastics, expanded/extruded polystyrene, PE or PP.

If you would like more information about this adhesive or any of the other products we supply here at Quin Global, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team – we’d love to help.