Exploring the Benefits of CO-REZ Technology

Do you ever fantasise about increased coverage from adhesives without the burden of lugging around heavier canisters?

Thanks to CO-REZ technology, your dream is now a reality.

Benefitting from an exceptional formulation process, which incorporates a highly engineered resin and gas matrix, an incomparable “greater coverage less weight” formula has been created.

But what does this mean for you?

Put simply, it means a matchless increase of up to 25 per cent extra coverage per unit, combined with a 2-3 kilogram decrease in weight per canister system.

That’s what puts this technology at the sharp edge of the market.

Revolutionising Adhesive Performance

Here at Quin Global, we fully believe that CO-REZ technology is helping to turn what you would traditionally expect from an adhesive on its head.

Subject to extensive testing, CO-REZ has been proven to exceed all industry standards for high performance bonding of laminates, decorative finishes and other demanding contact adhesive applications.

For your part, you’ll love maximising your efficiency through the greater coverage delivered by the inimitable CO-REZ technology.

This technology is one of many examples of us “thinking of you and your workforce”, given the increasing demands for maximum efficiency and compliance in the workplace.

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