Disposing of Your Canister Correctly

While it’s easy to enjoy the unrivalled coverage provided by TensorGrip® products, you may think that disposing of the canister is nowhere near as simple.  

But you couldn’t be more wrong ...

However, for all of our canister-based products, although it’s relatively straightforward,  from a practical and health standpoint  it’s crucial you know how to dispose of them correctly.

Step 1

Make sure you close the valve of the canister you’re getting rid of.

Step 2

Purge the gun and hose.

Step 3

Disconnect the hose from your empty canister.

Step 4

Connect the hose to your new canister.

Step 5

Open the valve of your new canister.

Step 6

Purge the gun through.

Step 7

Lay the old canister on its side with the valve pointing away from you.

Step 8

Open the canister valve and release any residual pressure.

Step 9

Use a brass punch to pierce a hole in the disc at the top of the canister.

And that’s it ...

If you would like to take a look at a demonstration of how to dispose of your canister-based product correctly, please head to the video section of our site for further details.

Alternatively, you can contact a member of our team and we’d be happy to help.