Why You Should Trust a Tensor Product

What makes us the company you should opt for? For a start, we've got an adhesive to suit almost any occasion. Click to learn more...

The Perfect Mix: Why Concrete Glue is Ideal for You

You’ve mixed your concrete and crafted the perfect wall. Now it’s time to find out what adhesives you should use for the perfect bond between substrate and concrete. 

How To: Explore our Great Range of Carpet Glues

We’ve been perfecting an ideal range of adhesives to help you fit the perfect carpet. Want to find out more? Then read on…

Say Hello to a Laminating Roller With our Pro-spraying Tools 

Discover the importance of a laminating roller and make sure you achieve the perfect bond every time!

TensorGrip® L12 – The ULTIMATE Spray Adhesive

Discover why TensorGrip® L12 is the ULTIMATE spray adhesive for bonding laminates to various types of substrates, and benefit from unbeatable coverage and market leading technology.

Vehicle Re-Trimming Adhesive

Find the finest vehicle re-trimming adhesive on the web and turn your motor from shabby to chic in no time at all thanks to this quality range of TensorGrip® products.

Get Fireproof With TensorGrip® L10N

Shop for a non-flammable solvent-based contact adhesive that’ll bond high pressure laminates to various substrates with unrivalled coverage and minimal drying time.

Learn How to Bond Gloss Laminates

With the help of TensorGrip® LP64, you can bond gloss laminates and achieve perfection every time. Benefit from an industry leading product designed to give you a faultless pebble mist spray pattern.

Bond Decorative False Laminates with TensorGrip® Platinum LP61

Learn how to bond decorative false laminates to timber sheet materials, and discover why TensorGrip® LP61 has consistently outperformed the competition.

Ten Reasons Why You Need TensorGrip® L17

We don’t just give you one reason to like TensorGrip® L17, we give you TEN reasons to love it! Learn more about the benefits of having a first-class spray adhesive in your corner.

Find the Fastest Way to Bond Thanks to TensorGrip® Spray Adhesives

Still using outdated application techniques? Find out why you should leave those methods behind by joining the TensorGrip® revolution ...

Learn How to Use a TensorGrip® Contractor Gun Properly

Safeguard your reputation and make sure your bonding work is a breeze by learning how to use a TensorGrip® contractor gun safely and efficiently.

How to Dispose Of Adhesive Canisters

Learn how to dispose of your adhesive canisters correctly – and discover the practical and health implications – with our handy step-by-step guide.

How to Adjust Spray Pattern of a TensorGrip® Professional Gun

Make your bonding work a piece of cake thanks to our top tips. Learn how to adjust the spray pattern of your professional gun in a matter of seconds.

How to Attach a Hose to TensorGrip® Spray Guns

Professional and contractor spray guns require the hose to be properly attached. Don’t know how? Our step-by-step guide will walk you through it ...

How to Correctly Apply Web Spray Adhesives

Achieve a perfect finish that’s guaranteed to last by discovering the correct way to apply web spray adhesives.

How to Clean Substrates before Bonding

Learn why you should clean substrates before bonding and discover the best method for removing grime to prevent bond failure.

Exploring the Benefits of CO-REZ Technology

Enjoy unparalleled coverage and lightweight canisters thanks to CO-REZ technology. Want to find out more? Everything you need to know is inside. 

How to Get to Grips with Overlaminating

Discover the products and information you need to get to grips with overlaminating – and often tricky technique.

How to Nail Infusion Moulding

Arm yourself with the knowledge to get infusion moulding spot on the first time thanks to our unrivalled range of adhesives.

How to Make Long Mitre Joint Edging Profiles

Learn how to make edging profiles for exhibitions stands, displays and many other applications with our handy guide.

The Essential Joinery Tools to Get the Job Done

Aside from a top quality adhesive, explore the essential joinery tools that every tradesman should have in his tool bag. 

Find the Perfect Non-Flammable Bond for Cabinet Making

As a cabinet maker, you need the finest non-flammable bonds to ensure permanency AND an unbeatably smooth finish – and we’ll tell you everything you need to know. 

Explore the Benefits of ZERO-FLAM Technology

Reduce the risk of fire in your workshop – and enjoy unrivalled coverage – thanks to ZERO-FLAM technology.