Curvework & Contours

On the hunt for an alternative to old fashioned methods like the white-glue and clamping technique on curvework? It’s time to take a look at TensorGrip, a contact adhesive that beats the old methods hands down. But if you want to stick with more traditional techniques, we cater to you too!

Available Products

TensorGrip - L13 - Ultra Hi-Grab Contact Adhesive

A web spray adhesive suitable for flexi-ply applications, wood buildups and standard laminate bonding.

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TensorGrip - L18 - Super High Solids Contact Adhesive

Super high solids, high performance spray adhesive designed specifically for demanding laminate applications. 

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TensorGrip L10N - Non-Flam Web Spray Contact Adhesive

Non-flammable and non-propellant high performance industrial spray contact adhesive formulated for bonding decorative HPL (high pressure laminate) to a variety of substrates.

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TensorGrip L12 - The Ultimate Web Spray Contact Adhesive

Fast drying contact adhesive with good heat resistance.

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TensorGrip L16N - GP Board Build Adhesive

Fast drying contact adhesive with good heat resistance, it is uses the unique ZEROFLAMTM Technology, making this a true market beater. 


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TensorGrip L19 - High Performance Laminate & Edging Adhesive

Designed for bonding all HPL laminate surfaces and edging materials to MDF, chipboard and plywood substrates.  TensorGrip® L19 has been tested on Formica products ColorCore, Magnetic Laminate, Fundamentals, Ligna and DecoMetal.

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TensorGrip L24 - High Performance Veneer Adhesive

TensorGrip® L24 is designed specially for bonding most paper backed veneers to MDF, chipboard and plywood substrates. 

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TensorGrip L42 - Solid Surface Flexible Contact Adhesive

TensorGrip®  H96  is  an  ultra  high  temperature  resistant  adhesive  suited  to  high  demand  insulation  bonding  applications.

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TensorGrip L68 - Construction, Building & Interiors Adhesive

High performance mist spray contact adhesive, designed and approved for bonding KYDEX® thermoplastic sheet to substrate.

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TensorGrip L90 - Westag Approved HP Solid Surface Contact Adhesive

TensorGrip® L90 is a Westag approved high performance web spray adhesive designed for bonding solid surface acrylic sheets to most common subframe core materials.

Westag Getacore Approved

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