We understand fabrics and foam can be tricky to bond on seafaring vessels, but Tensor products are always up to the task. From canvas and leather to fabric and a range of other materials, you can count on us to provide an adhesive solution for easy seat assembly. 

Available Products

TensorGrip - M01 - Polystyrene Plug Build Adhesive

A polyurethane foam bead adhesive, developed to bond large format polystyrene blocks.

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TensorGrip - M30 CO-REZ - Low VOC RTM/ Infusion Adhesive

A mist spray adhesive that is low in V.O.C. It is suitable for foam and thin fabric bonding applications as well as fibreglass infusion.

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TensorGrip - M38 - Non-MECL PU Spray Adhesive

A low-VOC, web spray adhesive that is moisture resistant and suitable for bonding carpet, foam, rubber, fabric and synthetic leather.

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TensorGrip - M50 - Fast Dry Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Designed especially for marine seating, upholstered areas and interior boat walls and wall coverings, this adhesive is weather resistant to both heat and water.

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TensorGrip - M55 - Super Tack Infusion Heavy Mat Adhesive

A super tacky and heavy mat spray adhesive. 

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TensorGrip - M81 - High Temperature Resistant Laminate Spray Adhesive

A high performance contact adhesive which creates a tough resilient bond line between decorative laminate materials and wood substrates.

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TensorGrip - M84 - High Tack Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive

A high tack spray adhesive developed for bonding carpet and thick fabric applications.

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