Stength and Tenacity. Two words that can be used to paint a picture of what lies at the core of all TensorGrip® adhesives. Each product is unique, tailored specifically to meet your needs and engineered to stand the test of time. At the very top of this range of state of the art products shines a beacon of the absolute peak of adhesive performance. Products that will perform like no other; the TensorGrip® Platinum Range. 

The Platinum Range consists merely of two products: the LP61 and LP64. What makes these stand out above the rest? Both come with a LIFE TIME GUARANTEE when creating bonds with any of the products' recommended substrates; the adhesive will NOT fail!

The Platinum Range makes the most demanding applications seem like an absolute breeze! Take for example, gloss laminates; difficult to bond and even more difficult to get a clean result that doesn't present rippling and bubbling. This is precisely why we have developed LP64 to be the perfect solution to this problem, with a very fine mist spray pattern that is clean and consistent giving you the results you have long desired!

There is only one spray adhesive in the entire world to be deemed safe enough to have been awarded a CLASS-0 Fire Rating, and that is the LP61!  Having that in its arsenal, as well as many other market-leading features, the LP61 is the optimum choice for fitting out airports, hospitals, schools, supermarkets and anything within the public sector!

Check out the videos below for more information on our groundbreaking Platinum Range!