TensorGrip - O70 - Containment Wrap Spray Adhesive

Tensorgrip O70 is a highly engineered adhesive based on industry proven block resin technology. The resilience of this technology provides ultra-high performance and resilience when bonding sheets of scaffold containment wrap. This is particularly suitable OFFSHORE as it removes the need to use hot works to melt the shrink wrap to itself to the structure that is being contained. Tensorgrip O70 is non-mecl (no methylene chloride solvent) blend making this a safer and viable product to be used offshore.


  • Fast Drying

  • Good Heat Resistance

  • Very High Solids

  • Non-Chlorinated Adhesive

Developed For:

  • FRL


  • California Compliant
  • Liquid Resistant
  • Low V.O.C
  • Web Spray