Oil & Gas

In a multimillion-pound industry, every penny still counts. So why waste time with adhesives that won’t work in all conditions? Whether your rig is in rain or shine, you’ll be able to apply our adhesives without fuss – and with great results. 

Duct Work

Duct-lining is a tricky business in the oil and gas industry, especially when you’re under pressure from the elements, but we’ve made it a safer and simpler task. We’ve created a non-flammable adhesive with a short cure time and precise spray contact that’s been painstakingly engineered. Never has ductwork felt safer. 

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Containment Wrap

The industry standard isn’t optional. Flames on your rig aren’t safe – that’s why we’ve created adhesives safe for bonding containment wrap on scaffolding. Our industry-approved resin technology is exactly what you need on your rig. 

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In an environment being hit with extreme weather and fluctuating temperatures, high-quality adhesives are a must for your insulation. Our glues surpass industry standards, securing your insulation and keeping your rig at a steady temperature. 

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