Plug Building

Discover our full range of plug building adhesives and make your next bond a breeze. Whether you’re bonding MDF, polystyrene or plywood, we have the adhesives you need to get the job done.

Available Products

TensorGrip TC10 - Mould Deck High Grab Spray Adhesive

This adhesive is a CO-REZ web spray adhesive. It’s designed for bonding MDF or plywood for plug mould decks and to eliminate PVA and mechanical fixings.

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TensorGrip TC20 - EPS Plug Build Foam Adhesive

Make light work of large-format polystyrene bonds with this specially designed bead applied adhesive. The TC20 can also be used as an effective gap filler.

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TensorGrip TC30 - EPS Plug Build Contact Adhesive

Seeking a web spray adhesive ideal for bonding large format polystyrene to plywood/MDF, plug deck structures or for bonding polystyrene to itself? TC30 has it covered.

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