TensorGrip - TC49 - Infusion Moulding Hi-Tac Adhesive Fine Mist Spray

TensorGrip® TC49 is a spray adhesive designed for the infusion mould market. With an immediate tack to hold the reinforcing fibres, you will also achieve a great surface finish with carbon fibre applications thanks to its fine mist spray properties. TensorGrip® TC49 is compatible with polyester, styrene and vinyl ester resins and been successfully tested with epoxy resins using less than 9 grams of adhesive per sqm. The short open time makes TensorGrip® TC49 ideal for small area applications.


  • Extra Fine Mist Spray.
  • Safely Fuses Laminating Materials To Structural Core Surfaces.
  • Great Surface Finish Results.
  • Superior Holding During Forming Process.

Developed For:

  • Fiberglass Infusion
  • Thick Fabric
  • Thin Fabric


  • Mist Spray