Composite Adhesives

We recognise the importance of speedy production in the composites industry. That’s why we’ve developed a unique pre-pressurised adhesive system, engineered to give an end-to-end solution – starting with plugmaking and finishing at the final composite product.


Core Products in the Composites Range


TensorGrip TC30



TensorGrip®  TC30 EPS Plug Build Contact Adhesive is a web spray adhesive suitable for bonding large format polystyrene to plywood/MDF, plug deck structures or for bonding polystyrene to itself.



TensorGrip TC41



TensorGrip® TC41 Infusion RTM Mould Spray Adhesive has been specially designed for use on infusion and vacuum forming composites, and allows resin to obtain maximum tensile shear strength.



TensorGrip TC42



TensorGrip®  TC42 Super HS Infusion RTM Adhesive has been designed to hold reinforcing fibres in place during the infusion process of the resin without affecting the surface finish or structural integrity.


Infusion and RTM Composite Moulding

Check out our infusion and RTM composite moulding adhesives. Find the perfect product for use in fibreglass and epoxy fibreglass infusion, as well as FRP/GRP applications.

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Plug Building

Discover our full range of plug building adhesives and make your next bond a breeze. Whether you’re bonding MDF, polystyrene or plywood, we have the adhesives you need to get the job done.

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