TensorGrip - C101 - Citrus Adhesive Cleaner

For a biodegradable, citrus solvent cleaner, degreaser and adhesive remover, look no further than TensorGrip® C101 Citrus Adhesive Cleaner. This high-quality cleaning device can be used on almost all surfaces and substrates, including painted surfaces, glass, porcelain, and concrete. And it’s compatible with a wide variety of plastics and vinyl.


  • Fully biodegradable
  • Compatible with almost all plastics
  • A great smelling citrus scent
  • Creates minimal waste
  • Reduced time for equipment set-up and clean-up, giving you more time to focus on the jobs that matter
  • Portable – take this cleaner wherever you go!


  • Hose: 4m Black Rubber
  • Tip: Lechler 652.245.30 Brass
  • Spray Gun - Professional