Foam and Upholstery

In this fast moving industry, you don’t have time to waste cleaning the mess when moving glue from a drum to a pump – so we’ve engineered even more ways to help streamline your processes. Boost productivity and profitably by picking up dedicated upholstery glue from Tensor.

Core Products in the Foam and Upholstery Range 


TensorGrip F20



TensorGrip® F20 Fast Drying Foam and Upholstery Adhesive has a very fast tack time, perfect for bonding carpet, fabric and foam.


TensorGrip F30



TensorGrip® F30 PSA Upholstery Contact Adhesive has a fast dry and long open time, perfect for bonding fabric, thin fabric, foam and synthetic leather.


TensorGrip F31



TensorGrip® F31 Hi-Temp Foam and Upholstery Spray Adhesive has exceptionally tough curing properties and high temperature resistance, perfect for bonding demanding fabric, thin fabric, foam and synthetic leather.


TensorGrip F40



TensorGrip® F40 Aggressive Tack Spray Adhesive has an extremely high tack, perfect for multi-purpose applications, such as foam, carpet tile, thin, and thick fabrics.


TensorGrip F60



TensorGrip® F60 High Performance Non-Chlorinated Spray Adhesive has a high tack and strong bond adhesion, perfect for use on thick and demanding applications, such as foam, synthetic leather, thin, and thick fabrics.




Domestic Furniture

When using large sheets of fabric and big blocks of foam, it pays to have an aggressive single-sided adhesive in your corner. Make your applications easier and enjoy an unbeatable end product thanks to Tensor.

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Office Furniture

Working with a wide range of materials requires highly engineered adhesives to provide you with unbeatable bonds every time. Choose Tensor products to help improve your efficiency and save you money. 

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Don’t compromise on quality. Make sure you’re bonding quicker and easier with a specially formulated range of adhesives designed to give unrivalled results with less mess. 

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