TensorGrip - H40 - Joint Adhesive for Kingspan Koolduct Panels

TensorGrip® H40 Joint Adhesive has been developed and proven for use in the mitre joints for the Kingspan KoolDuct System of pre-insulated ductwork. The H40 is delivered in a convenient 500ml aerosol can or a larger 22ltr canister which is used with the professional hose and gun; this method of delivery gives the user maximum portability with no external power sources required. TensorGrip® H40 provides high temperature resistance and structural stability, enduring the demanding fluctuations of temperature change on duct work applications. The tough resilient bond line and extremely user friendly application method, over against the brush, gives the user massively improved working times and efficiencies.


  • CO-REZTM Technology (excluding 500ml aerosol)

  • Fast Drying

  • Good Heat Resistance

  • Very High Solids

  • Portable Systems

  • Non-Chlorinated Adhesive

  • Easy Application Control

  • Low VOC

Developed For:

  • Insulation
  • Aluminum


  • California Compliant
  • CO-REZ Technology
  • Web Spray