Swap risk and tedium for safety and ease when you use Tensor products for ductlining. Avoid brushing, rolling and waiting for water-based glues to dry. Choose these non-flammable products and make your ductlining process a breeze thanks to spray solvent-based contact. 

Available Products

TensorGrip - H11N - Fast Dry PS Adhesive

A ZERO-FLAM web spray adhesive suitable for insulation and metal sheeting bonding applications.

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TensorGrip - H20 - PSA Insulation Adhesive

A web spray adhesive suitable for use on most quilt and slab insulation products, including foils.

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TensorGrip - H30 - Extra Hi-Grab GP Polystyrene Adhesive

Designed to bond quilt and fibrous insulation materials and fabrics in duct work and HVAC markets.

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TensorGrip - H31 - High Build EPS Spray Adhesive

Premium industrial strength adhesive for a wide range of applications. Specifically designed for the Portable/Manufactured Housing, Automotive and Marine Industries.

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TensorGrip - H40 - Joint Adhesive for Kingspan Koolduct Panels

TensorGrip® H40 Joint Adhesive has been developed and proven for use in the mitre joints for the Kingspan KoolDuct System of pre-insulated ductwork. 

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TensorGrip - H45 - Compatible Spray Adhesive for Kingspan Kooltherm Insulation

Developed to create high performance bonds between metal ductwork and rigid insulation boards such as Kingspan Kooltherm Duct Insulation.

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TensorGrip - H80 - Waterbased HVAC Insulation Spray Adhesive

This web spray adhesive is suitable for polystyrene, FRP/GRP and insulation bonding applications.

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TensorGrip - H95 - High Temperature Insulation Adhesive

TensorGrip® H95 is an ultra high temperature resistant adhesive suited to high demand Insulation bonding applications.

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