HVAC and Insulation

Explore HVAC and insulation adhesive designed to resist high temperatures and perform admirably in cramped conditions. Find a range of simple and safe solutions engineered specifically for your industry.


Core Products in the HVAC Range


TensorGrip H40



TensorGrip® H40 Koolduct Joint Adhesive has been developed and proven for use in the mitre joints for the KoolDuct ducting system.




TensorGrip® H45 Kooltherm Panel Adhesive has been developed to create high performance bonds between KINGSPAN® KoolTherm Insulation Panels and metal ductwork, or any other substrate in which KoolTherm is to be used.





Swap risk and tedium for safety and ease when you use Tensor products for ductlining. Avoid brushing, rolling and waiting for water-based glues to dry. Choose these non-flammable products and make your ductlining process a breeze thanks to spray solvent-based contact. 

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Installing insulation is vital, but we understand it can be a tiresome process. Consequently, Tensor products have been tasked with making your life easier. With effortless application and short drying times, we’re committed to minimising the hassles of gluing. 

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Wall Panels

Affix insulated wall panels with consummate ease. Rid your workspace of slipshod glues and avoid wasting time waiting for substandard adhesives to cure thanks to the innovative technology of Tensor products. 

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