TensorGrip - C09 - Polyurethane Foam Bead Adhesive

TensorGrip® C09 is an exemplary single-part, moisture-cure urethane foam adhesive specially purposed for bonding insulation like ISO boards to a wide range of substrates, including: 

  • Concrete
  • Plywood
  • Cementitious boards
  • Brick
  • EPS or XPS (expanded or extruded polystyrene)

What’s more, the C09 saves effort and labour time by allowing application at an impressive rate of 240 square feet (73m²) per minute.


  • Full finger trigger movement for extra manoeuvring
  • Super-fast application
  • Uplift tested to 9kn
  • 17-23 sqm/kg (dependant on bead width)


  • Hose: 4m Stainless Steel Braided Comes With Valve
  • Spray Gun – Short Wand PU Bead

Developed For:

  • Foam
  • Wood Buildups


  • Low V.O.C