TensorGrip - A30 - Aircraft Seat Foam & Fabric Adhesive

For a spray contact adhesive designed especially for aircraft seat fabrication, the TensorGrip® A30 is your best bet. The exemplary spray coverage is consistent and will provide you with a forceful and permanent bond for porous and thick fabrics.


  • Highly consistent spray coverage
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Contains zero urea formaldehyde
  • Low VOC California compliant (SCAQMD Rule 1168 Compliant)
  • Qualifies for LEED 3.2, 4.1 and 4.4


  • Hose: 4m Black Rubber
  • Tip: Lechler 652.245.30 Brass
  • Spray Gun - Professional


Developed For:

  • Foam
  • Thick Fabric


  • California Compliant
  • Low V.O.C
  • Web Spray