The aerospace industry requires innovative solutions to make sure every part produced stands the test of time in the most demanding of environments – and our trusted aerospace adhesive helps you create a perfect bond designed to pass inspections with flying colours. 


Permanently bonding foam and fabric aircraft seating can be challenging, but our specially formulated adhesives are up to the task. Restore tired looking seats and secure the stature of an aircraft for years to come. 

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If you’re eager to find the most proficient and dependable way to affix wall coverings and panels in your aircraft, Tensor products go above and beyond what you’d traditionally expect from an adhesive. 

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Ceiling and Headliners

Reach new heights and bond your aircraft’s headliner materials with Tensor. Trust these products to provide you with a bond that’s smooth and strong, taking traditional bonding experiences to a completely new level. 

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Start with a reliable adhesive from Tensor and you can guarantee the luxurious carpet of a lavish private jet or the more durable materials found in a commercial airliner stand up to years of wear and tear without moving an inch. 

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Your employees and customers deserve the best – whether it’s wood, laminate or veneers, we have the adhesives you need to make sure you create the perfect bond and outstrip the competition. 

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Air Frame/Body

Its no secret that the fibreglass parts used in airframe creation must be of the highest quality - and Tensor has the products with the staying power and strength to meet the industry's challenges.

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