Find an unbeatable vehicle adhesive in the transportation range, designed around a high tempo and demanding industry that’s going places. Whatever the transportation application, these special adhesives will enhance your productivity without harming the environment.  

Get onboard with Tensor and pick up marine glue designed for a raft of applications. Benefit from unmatched quality to simplify infusion moulding and flooring installation, while walls, ceilings and insulation jobs are a breeze. 

The aerospace industry requires innovative solutions to make sure every part produced stands the test of time in the most demanding of environments – and our trusted aerospace adhesive helps you create a perfect bond designed to pass inspections with flying colours. 

We understand the importance of creating a solid reputation in the construction industry – which is why we’ve developed some of the finest building adhesives on the market. Designed to help you create bonds that last a lifetime, we offer innovative gluing solutions for the most demanding of applications. 

Explore HVAC and insulation adhesive designed to resist high temperatures and perform admirably in cramped conditions. Find a range of simple and safe solutions engineered specifically for your industry.


Core Products in the HVAC Range


TensorGrip H40



TensorGrip® H40 Koolduct Joint Adhesive has been developed and proven for use in the mitre joints for the KoolDuct ducting system.




TensorGrip® H45 Kooltherm Panel Adhesive has been developed to create high performance bonds between KINGSPAN® KoolTherm Insulation Panels and metal ductwork, or any other substrate in which KoolTherm is to be used.




In this fast moving industry, you don’t have time to waste cleaning the mess when moving glue from a drum to a pump – so we’ve engineered even more ways to help streamline your processes. Boost productivity and profitably by picking up dedicated upholstery glue from Tensor.

Core Products in the Foam and Upholstery Range 


TensorGrip F20



TensorGrip® F20 Fast Drying Foam and Upholstery Adhesive has a very fast tack time, perfect for bonding carpet, fabric and foam.


TensorGrip F30



TensorGrip® F30 PSA Upholstery Contact Adhesive has a fast dry and long open time, perfect for bonding fabric, thin fabric, foam and synthetic leather.


TensorGrip F31



TensorGrip® F31 Hi-Temp Foam and Upholstery Spray Adhesive has exceptionally tough curing properties and high temperature resistance, perfect for bonding demanding fabric, thin fabric, foam and synthetic leather.


TensorGrip F40



TensorGrip® F40 Aggressive Tack Spray Adhesive has an extremely high tack, perfect for multi-purpose applications, such as foam, carpet tile, thin, and thick fabrics.


TensorGrip F60



TensorGrip® F60 High Performance Non-Chlorinated Spray Adhesive has a high tack and strong bond adhesion, perfect for use on thick and demanding applications, such as foam, synthetic leather, thin, and thick fabrics.




Sawdust, sandpaper and precise calculations – and we’ve got the glue to hold your hard work together. Our researchers have measured the perfect strength adhesives for all your joinery needs. Whether you’re carving a countertop or perfecting a doorframe, you’ll always be able to rely on our products. 


Core Products in the Woodworking / Joinery Range


TensorGrip H40



TensorGrip® L19 Formica Tested High Performance Laminate and Edging Adhesive is suitable for bonding HPL laminate and edging materials to MDF, chipboard and plywood.


TensorGrip H40



TensorGrip® L24 High Performance Veneer Adhesive has a fine spray for permanent bonding of veneers where immediate bond strength, water and lacquer resistance along with a high heat resistance are required.




TensorGrip® L90 Westag Approved High Performance Solid Surface Contact Adhesive has been designed to bond solid surface acrylic sheets to most common subframe core materials including Westag's Getacore 3mm and 10mm sheets.


In a multimillion-pound industry, every penny still counts. So why waste time with adhesives that won’t work in all conditions? Whether your rig is in rain or shine, you’ll be able to apply our adhesives without fuss – and with great results. 

A full wall liner repair glued up in less than an hour? That's right.  The TensorGrip reefer repair system eliminates blocking and bracing and reduces cure time to 5 minutes so you can increase your profits and keep your customers coming back!

Bonding foam and fabrics can be a challenge – but Tensor has the solution for easy seat assembly. From silk, leather or fabric, Tensor can handle it all. 

For a professional and reliable way to affix wall coverings and panels, take a look at these dedicated products to help you get the job done. 

Whether you’re bonding vinyl, leather, fabric or aluminium sheeting, we make it quick and easy to find the right adhesive to ensure a speedy and successful bond.  

Let us help you find the right glue for your transportation flooring. Whatever your application – from malleable and plush to smooth and tough – you can count on Tensor. 


We know our way around wood, laminate and veneers, with a wide range of industry leading adhesives designed to help you go one better than the competition. 

Minimise your gluing hassles with quick drying contact and pressure sensitive adhesives to give you an unbeatable bond for insulation. 

TensorGrip infusion moulding adhesives are designed to unite with the matrix of a fibreglass boat hull, furnishing you with the control to create an end product that’s second to none. 

Passengers require protection from the wind, rain and noise associated with boat trips, so give them the shelter they need with contact and pressure sensitive adhesives to make unbeatable insulation bonds. Slash the hassles of gluing with these easy to apply and rapid drying adhesives. 

Tired of hanging around waiting for adhesives to cure? Produce SIPs quicker than ever and fit panels and wall protection rapidly thanks to the unbeatable speed of Tensor products. 

In the most demanding conditions, it’s vital your adhesive is up to the job. Boost your efficiency, make difficult bonds a breeze and comply with fire rating requirements, all with the help of trusty Tensor products. 

Swap risk and tedium for safety and ease when you use Tensor products for ductlining. Avoid brushing, rolling and waiting for water-based glues to dry. Choose these non-flammable products and make your ductlining process a breeze thanks to spray solvent-based contact. 

Installing insulation is vital, but we understand it can be a tiresome process. Consequently, Tensor products have been tasked with making your life easier. With effortless application and short drying times, we’re committed to minimising the hassles of gluing. 

When using large sheets of fabric and big blocks of foam, it pays to have an aggressive single-sided adhesive in your corner. Make your applications easier and enjoy an unbeatable end product thanks to Tensor.

Working with a wide range of materials requires highly engineered adhesives to provide you with unbeatable bonds every time. Choose Tensor products to help improve your efficiency and save you money. 

Don’t compromise on quality. Make sure you’re bonding quicker and easier with a specially formulated range of adhesives designed to give unrivalled results with less mess. 

Looking for a smooth and shiny gloss, elaborate curves and high levels of durability? Then don’t settle for less than the finest adhesives for your countertops and worktops. Our range is specially designed to surpass customer expectations, so you’ll never be disappointed with the results of your build. 

On the hunt for an alternative to old fashioned methods like the white-glue and clamping technique on curvework? It’s time to take a look at TensorGrip, a contact adhesive that beats the old methods hands down. But if you want to stick with more traditional techniques, we cater to you too!

They might fall off their hinges, but your doors won’t fall apart if you’re using our adhesives. So turn the handle and step inside to an adhesive you can trust. 

Duct-lining is a tricky business in the oil and gas industry, especially when you’re under pressure from the elements, but we’ve made it a safer and simpler task. We’ve created a non-flammable adhesive with a short cure time and precise spray contact that’s been painstakingly engineered. Never has ductwork felt safer. 

The industry standard isn’t optional. Flames on your rig aren’t safe – that’s why we’ve created adhesives safe for bonding containment wrap on scaffolding. Our industry-approved resin technology is exactly what you need on your rig. 

We understand fabrics and foam can be tricky to bond on seafaring vessels, but Tensor products are always up to the task. From canvas and leather to fabric and a range of other materials, you can count on us to provide an adhesive solution for easy seat assembly. 

Permanently bonding foam and fabric aircraft seating can be challenging, but our specially formulated adhesives are up to the task. Restore tired looking seats and secure the stature of an aircraft for years to come. 

Make your job easier and discover an unequalled range of efficient and trusted products designed to help you affix an assortment of wall coverings and panels. 

If you’re eager to find the most proficient and dependable way to affix wall coverings and panels in your aircraft, Tensor products go above and beyond what you’d traditionally expect from an adhesive. 

Vinyls, fabrics, leather, aluminium sheeting.  The list goes on.  You're bonding it overhead and we want you to be successful and quick.  Find the right adhesive by choosing what you're bonding.

Reach new heights and bond your aircraft’s headliner materials with Tensor. Trust these products to provide you with a bond that’s smooth and strong, taking traditional bonding experiences to a completely new level. 

Fixing a floor in a lavish yacht or mending the sturdy rubber of a utility boat has never been easier with Tensor products engineered to perform in the most demanding conditions waterborne vessels run into.

Start with a reliable adhesive from Tensor and you can guarantee the luxurious carpet of a lavish private jet or the more durable materials found in a commercial airliner stand up to years of wear and tear without moving an inch. 

It’s safe to say we know a thing or two about wood, laminate and veneers, so surpass the competition and make any vessel gleam thanks to the industry’s finest adhesives. 

Your employees and customers deserve the best – whether it’s wood, laminate or veneers, we have the adhesives you need to make sure you create the perfect bond and outstrip the competition. 

When other fasteners won’t get the job done, trust Tensor to help you glue various types of insulation into place. Whether it’s foam, fibreglass or rubber, we give you wide spray patterns to cover the square footage in no time, as well as extended wand guns to help you reach more places.

Add in thermal insulation, fibreglass, foam, EPS, reflective and bubble, with Tensor glues also ideal for sound, vibration, RFI and galvanic insulation. Not to mention rubber, sponge, shoddy, foil and film, as well as adhesives for polystyrene and rigid insulation board. 

In an environment being hit with extreme weather and fluctuating temperatures, high-quality adhesives are a must for your insulation. Our glues surpass industry standards, securing your insulation and keeping your rig at a steady temperature. 

Affix insulated wall panels with consummate ease. Rid your workspace of slipshod glues and avoid wasting time waiting for substandard adhesives to cure thanks to the innovative technology of Tensor products. 

No matter how good a craftsman you are, there’s no improvement like adhesive improvement when it comes to creating quality cabinets. Our strong bonds can replace fasteners in your build, giving you a clean, glossier look. 

A poor craftsperson blames their tools. But a great craftsperson knows that the best tools come from the Tensor range. Over the years, we’ve refined products that are ideally suited to industrial environments. Every one of our finely tuned appliances is durable and fit for use.  


A poor craftsperson blames their tools. But a great craftsperson knows that the best tools come from the Tensor range. Over the years, we’ve refined products that are ideally suited to industrial environments. Every one of our finely tuned appliances is durable and fit for use.  

Tensor adhesives are crafted to last a lifetime. But no matter how good the glue, blunders happen to us all. Bonded the wrong object? Need to clean a mass of overspray? To lend a helping hand, we’ve formulated strong, safe and secure cleaners and solvents to fix any adhesive mishaps. 

Its no secret that the fibreglass parts used in airframe creation must be of the highest quality - and Tensor has the products with the staying power and strength to meet the industry's challenges.

Other Assembly

Niche markets.  Totally unique applications.  Tensor has been called to meet the challenges of every market, some so exquisite and minute that they don't get their own mention as an "Industry" on our site.  Yet so important and close to our hearts that we put all our outperformance effort towards them.  That's where the "Other Assembly" category comes in handy with its many carefully-developed multi-use adhesives!


Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Inlays

Artificial Grass Seams

We recognise the importance of speedy production in the composites industry. That’s why we’ve developed a unique pre-pressurised adhesive system, engineered to give an end-to-end solution – starting with plugmaking and finishing at the final composite product.


Core Products in the Composites Range


TensorGrip TC30



TensorGrip®  TC30 EPS Plug Build Contact Adhesive is a web spray adhesive suitable for bonding large format polystyrene to plywood/MDF, plug deck structures or for bonding polystyrene to itself.



TensorGrip TC41



TensorGrip® TC41 Infusion RTM Mould Spray Adhesive has been specially designed for use on infusion and vacuum forming composites, and allows resin to obtain maximum tensile shear strength.



TensorGrip TC42



TensorGrip®  TC42 Super HS Infusion RTM Adhesive has been designed to hold reinforcing fibres in place during the infusion process of the resin without affecting the surface finish or structural integrity.


TensorGrip Composite Undefined Category

Check out our infusion and RTM composite moulding adhesives. Find the perfect product for use in fibreglass and epoxy fibreglass infusion, as well as FRP/GRP applications.

Discover our full range of plug building adhesives and make your next bond a breeze. Whether you’re bonding MDF, polystyrene or plywood, we have the adhesives you need to get the job done.

Welcome to Tensor's brand new flooring industry. Here you will find time and money saving solutions for laying commercial floors. 

Our range of carpet tile tackifiers.

Carpet and subfloor laying adhesive for commercial flooring.