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08/06/2018 Quinnovation and the "Will It Bond?" Challenge at IWF 2018

Our team is getting geared up for IWF Atlanta 2018 – which means we’re tapping deep into the philosophy that powers our adhesive innovation! Customers trust us to be an expert in the field, and we never stop trying to find out what else can be done with adhesives to help our customers grow their businesses. 

07/18/2018 IWF 2018 Sneak Peek: Which adhesive products will be at our booth?

The International Woodworking Fair is a month away, and the Quin Global and TensorGrip teams are excited to share our products with attendees, exhibitors and sponsors! 

07/04/2018 See you at W18!

05/29/2018 Keeping your adhesive warm this winter

Adhesives need to keep warm in the winter.

Cozy Canister
If they get too cold, after a night spent in subzero temperatures, you’ll notice the adhesive will spray out wet and you'll get drips from the gun.