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09/20/2018 Pulling it off: IWF 2018

This year's IWF show was one for the record books! Our team worked hard to ensure all attendees knew about the power of Quin Global and Tensor adhesives. One of the best ways to do this was to put our adhesives to the test and get people involved at the ground level.

09/19/2018 TensorGrip Hoses: Which One Should I Use?

Confused Canister

TensorGrip hoses are unique to our spray adhesive system. They play an important role in making sure the entire canister system works at optimum performance.

It’s important you know which hose is best to get maximum performance from your adhesive. There are three types of hoses you can use with TensorGrip.


09/12/2018 IWF 2018 Recap- What's Next?

With the whirlwind of  IWF 2018 now behind us, we’ve had some time to reflect on what a great experience the Atlanta show was, and what's next for Quin Global.