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05/29/2018 Keeping your adhesive warm this winter

Adhesives need to keep warm in the winter.

Cozy Canister
If they get too cold, after a night spent in subzero temperatures, you’ll notice the adhesive will spray out wet and you'll get drips from the gun.

04/24/2018 Welcome Trevor!

Welcome Trevor Whitney - West Coast Adhesive Innovator!

03/29/2018 See you at Compotec

03/22/2018 Why TensorGrip - Time, Money & Health

TensorGrip uses technology to create an adhesive system. A system with the sole intent of boosting your productivity and profitability – but not at the cost of quality.

It does this by being ultra efficient. It streamlines your process; reducing the effort and resource you have to put in, while growing your results.

Time Money Health