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11/19/2020 Maximum Sticking Strength, Minimum Health Impact

Regardless of the bonding job you’ve done, it’s highly likely you’ve experienced the unrivalled sticking power of Tensor.

11/10/2020 How to Keep Your Adhesives Warm & Dry This Winter

In the latest advice piece from Tensor, we look at what measures you can take to protect the integrity of your adhesives this winter.

11/10/2020 Unleash the Power of TensorGrip


Whether you’re seeking a bonding solution for use across marine environments, aerospace scenarios or in woodworking & joinery jobs, it’s likely that you’ve experienced the sticking power of TensorGrip.

11/04/2020 Tensor Adhesives: Engineered for YOUR Industry

Ranging from advanced canister adhesives to basic hot melt adhesives, Tensor offers the product you need to make glue application faster, safer and easier.

11/04/2020 Why Customers Trust Tensor

Here at Tensor, we’re more than just a manufacturer of adhesives and tool systems. We’re pioneers of innovative adhesive solutions, spearheading research & development to transform the working lives of the many distributors and contractors we’re proud to call loyal customers.