How to Benefit from the Psychology of Cleanliness

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How to Benefit from the Psychology of Cleanliness

Your workshop is covered in more sawdust than a hamster cage, and dried-in adhesives litter your work surfaces in white translucent pools. It’s happened – you’ve created a health and safety nightmare.

And the truth is, you can’t really be bothered clearing it up. When you head into your workshop in the morning, a full day’s graft ahead of you, clearing up your workplace seems like the least of your worries. After all, you’ve got clients to keep and deadlines to meet.

But a clean workspace means more than keeping things sparkling – it could boost your productivity.


Cleanliness is happiness

There are plenty of studies correlating the link between cleanliness and psychological health, and one of the most convincing comes from Dr Simone Schnall of the University of Plymouth and her colleagues, in which she linked physical cleanliness with a sense of moral duty.

According to the Economist, Schnall found “that when feelings of disgust are instilled in them beforehand, people make decisions which are more ethical than would otherwise be expected.”

This would then mean that cleaning left a feeling of moral worth in people, in the same vein as helping an elderly person across a busy street or giving money to a homeless person.


Health and safety nightmare

It’s certainly not the only reason to maintain a clean and hygienic workspace.

By having a dirty workplace, you’re creating a number of hazards from a health and safety perspective. Your tools will become massive harbingers for germs and, especially if you let spilt adhesives congeal on your worktables, surfaces will become uneven.

So here’s the take-home message of this blogpost – there really is no positive reason for dirt.


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