Why Joiners Trust Tensor

Joiners have many challenges to navigate in their work, and their choice of adhesive shouldn’t be one of them. Indeed, when you’re working with sawdust, sandpaper and super-precise calculations, you’ll need a bond that is permanent, reliable and trusted by the very best your industry has to offer. This week, we explain why joiners trust Tensor in their thousands.

You’re not just gluing together a broken toy - you’re working with heavy weights and industrial equipment. This means that reliable and safe bonding is an absolute essential. Luckily, Tensor researchers have championed developments in engineering to measure the perfect strength for your joinery needs. Whether you’re carving a countertop or perfecting a doorframe, you’ll always be able to rely on our ultimate sticking strength...

The Choice of Joiners Worldwide

There’s lots of reasons why thousands of joiners around the world choose Tensor products as their adhesive:

Get the right cure: Here at Tensor, we understand the difficulty joiners face in getting the right cure. Indeed, there’s nothing better than getting your strong and attractive cured structure absolutely right. Our range of joinery adhesives are engineered to significantly reduce production time by removing the need to use mechanical fixings or traditional bonding methods, which can take a tedious 48 hours to cure.

Safety is a priority: Concern for the welfare of joiners forms a priority here at Tensor. That’s why we’re creating safer, more productive worksites by championing ZERO-FLAM technology. Elements of our adhesives will NOT allow combustion. The anti-inflammable joinery range reduces the risk of inflammable solvents and gas, drastically lowering the risk of fire. When things get hot, joiners can trust Tensor.

We care about the health of joiners: Whilst we offer a range of flame-resistant joinery adhesives, we also provide a range of solutions that have been approved as ‘Healthy Adhesives’ at the laboratories of Quin Global, posing the lowest possible impact to your health with non-chlorinated adhesives that reduce the use of carcinogenic elements and the Volatile Organic Compound (V.O.C.)

Get joinery work completed faster: Tensor has partnered with CD (UK) Ltd on an adhesive that can be used to bond Corian® to MDF. Simply spray both substrates and within 3 minutes place them together and you have a fixed piece.

Practical adhesives for joiners: Forget constant standing up, sitting down, bending over and kneeling. Our range of canister-based systems allow the even and accurate spread of adhesives across a number of substrates seen in joinery settings.

We’re continuing to improve our selection of joinery adhesives with further research and innovation, with our products recommended by joinery professionals across the world. To find out more about our selection, please visit the Joinery Range.

Discover Why Joiners Trust Tensor

When we say we take care of joiners, we mean it. View our full range of adhesives products here or get in touch with any queries. A member of our sales team will be happy to assist with your adhesive selection, no matter the joinery task at hand.