Tensor: We Don't Just Bond - We Clean, Too

Here at Tensor, we’ve built our name on tenacity, strength and sticking power. However, no matter how strong our systems are, we recognise that accidents are always going to happen. That’s why we’re just as passionate about helping our product’s users clean up any accidental mess as we are about sealing permanent and reliable bonds.  

Bonding jobs - they’re known to get messy. Roll on brushes are known to cause a backspray and often give an uneven spread. Meanwhile, hand brushes can lead to frequent dropping and even more time spent on the job cleaning up spills and sticky mishaps. To this end, we’ve developed a revolutionary canister-based system that gives our customers total control over the spread of their adhesive, as well as the amount of usage. With Tensor, you can wave goodbye to messy workspaces and dodgy sprays.

Tensor: Here to Clean Up

However, it’s still possible to make mistakes - even when you’re using TensorGrip. You’re going to need an effective, industrial grade cleaner if you:

• Bonded the wrong object;
• Need to clean a mass of overspray; or
• Have spilled adhesive solution.

We’re here for thousands of customers around the world if and when things ever go wrong with their bonding job. We also realise the heightened importance of effective cleaning products presented as a result of Covid-19 pandemic. We’re offering a range of industrial cleaners that offer cleaning power unlike any other, helping you clean up the stickiest of messes.


Discover Cleaning Power with Tensor

We’ve got the cleaner you need, no matter the mess:

TensorGrip - S500 - The Ultimate Industrial Cleaning Wipe

Avoid messy workshops once and for all!

We’ve driven research and development to offer customers the finest industrial cleaning wipe on the market. Once synonymous with sticking power, TensorGrip is now a leader in industrial cleaning products that yield effective results.

When it comes to cleaning products, they don’t get more powerful and convenient than the TensorGrip S500. The very latest in industrial wipes, this product provides you with a perfect cleaning job and leaves surfaces looking good-as-new.

We’re bringing our passion for innovation to our range of wipes, using hi-tech Dual GleemTex Technology to totally eliminate all industrial stains. Once you’ve wiped up with TensorGrip S500, you can get to those more important jobs at hand.

Suitable for use across:

-  Adhesive
-  Sealant
-  Paint
-  Oil
-  Grease
-  Dirt
-  And lots more

TensorGrip C101 - Citrus Adhesive Cleaner

Discover a versatile cleaner with a lemon scent!

The experts at Tensor are acutely aware of the impact of cleaning products on the world around us. We’re driving positive change with TensorGrip C101 Citrus Cleaner - a fully biodegradable cleaner, degreaser and solvent remover.

TensorGrip C101 is a citrus-scented solvent cleaner which can be used effectively across multiple substrates; including painted surfaces, glass, porcelain, concrete, and is compatible with many plastics and vinyls.

- 100% biodegradable
- Suitable for most plastics
- Citrus-scented
- Boosted productivity
- Quick application
- Reduces waste

TensorGrip S105 - Acetone Cleaner

We pride ourselves on developing systems that minimise mess and wastage. However, for any number of reasons you may need to ‘flush out’ your canister system.

Introducing the TensorGrip S105 Acetone Cleaner: a solvent cleaner and hose flush specifically engineered for use with TensorGrip (PU) canister products as a hose & spray gun flushing system.

This cleaning product can be used effectively across the vast majority of canister spray equipment and is a strong solvent. It is suitable for use across most substrates including painted surfaces; glass, porcelain, concrete, and is compatible with many plastics and vinyls.

- Efficient clean-up & maintenance.
- Compatible with most adhesives.
- Compatible with most plastics.
- High Control Mist Spray


Enjoy maximum cleaning power. Read more about the differences between our glue products here or get in touch with our sales team with any specific questions or enquiries. Alternatively, to find out where you can buy our products, please visit this page to view all of our distributors & stockists.